November 20, 2023
Return of the Christmas Raffle of the Basse-Ville Mutual Aid Service 

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From November 20 to 17 December 2023

A second year for this promising initiative of the Saint-Sauveur community organization

Quebec, Tuesday November 22, 2023 – Back for a 2nd consecutive year, the popular Christmas raffle organized by the Lower Town Mutual Aid Service (SEBV) launches ticket sales today! Until December 17, 2023, different prize packages will be available to contribute to a good cause and help the most deprived people, both materially and socially. This year, the Lower Town Mutual Aid Service surrounded itself with significant partners in order to award $7000 in prizes, divided into 10 lots. The goal of the draw is to raise $30 in ticket purchases and donations. As the need for financing becomes more and more pressing, the Lower Town Mutual Aid Service invites the population to contribute in large numbers and participate in the drawing which will take place on December 18, 2023. 

  • With only $20, the SEBV manages to provide groceries for 7 DAYS to at least 4 FAMILIES
  • With $54, the SEBV manages to furnish an ENTIRE apartment for a disadvantaged person
  • With $85, the SEBV manages to feed an elderly person with cooked meals for 14 days
  • With up to $160, the SEBV can dress 6 homeless people in winter clothes 

Amounts accessible to the majority, but which can make a HUGE difference in the lives of some. 

To show your generosity, simply click here. 

More than a way to help the population   
la Christmas raffle is one of the rare annual fundraising activities that allows the organization to raise enough funds to meet the needs of the community and maintain free or low-cost services. To participate in the Christmas raffle, just get your hands on a ticket before December 18, 2023 just here. Several categories of tickets are available: Raffle ticket ($20), Lucky trio ($54), Super offer ($85) and Winning special ($160). The purchase of tickets will have a direct impact on the initiatives that the organization can undertake: 

Le SEBV offers everyone, regardless of their difficulties and their history, the possibility of significantly improving their living conditions. Up to 17 people have the chance, annually, to benefit from first-resort assistance from SEBV, all thanks to the numerous contributions of the population. This involves not only financial contributions, but also donations of furniture, clothing and home accessories, which can help five individuals and families per week get their hands on a starter kit for their home. self. Last year, the furniture collection service, collecting furniture and appliances from people's homes, diverted 400 pounds of furniture from landfill by donating it to individuals and families in need. The social impact of SEBV is therefore indisputable and highlights the importance of contributing to the cause whenever possible. 

About the Basse-Ville Mutual Aid Service
Le Lower Town Mutual Aid Service fight against poverty and social exclusion. Their services are focused on better living and serve to alleviate the burden of poverty and prevent the impoverishment of individuals and families in need. The organization offers material and food assistance: furniture and appliances, clothing and food. It also offers help and support by referring people to services tailored to their needs. THE Lower Town Mutual Aid Service is essential to ensure a strong social fabric of solidarity for the citizens of Quebec City.

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