November 20, 2023
Défi-Évasion reinvents Christmas parties!

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Quebec, Monday November 20, 2023 – Uncertain economic context, desire to change your mind by leaving aside mercantile traditions in favor of new unifying and fun activities; Challenge-Escape is the solution for new kinds of Christmas parties with friends, colleagues and family! Challenge-Escape has set itself the objective of making Christmas a fun time for the whole family, or for all employees, thanks to its different escape game formulas. The numerous online games will keep everyone entertained, regardless of the size of the group, and fans of immersive experiences will be satisfied with the physical at-home option offered by Challenge-Escape and its trailers Défi-Mobile

What could be better than staying in the comfort of your home with your loved ones, in the office or even teleworking with your colleagues, to compete in a friendly way during an escape game? This is what division allows Home Escape Challenge which offers around twenty online games suitable for small and large groups, and for all ages, perfect for having fun during the holiday season! Two of them are notably based on a Christmas theme:

The first puzzle game for beginners, entitled The Mystery Gift, begins when “ At the end of your Christmas party, after all the presents have been given, a strange package without an addressee remains under the tree... No one answers when you ask who put it there. Do you dare to unpack it and try to understand this mystery? » This game, lasting approximately 1h30, is aimed at people aged 10 and over and an unlimited number of people can play it at the same time! However, it is possible to form teams of six players for maximum fun. 

The second game, also for beginners, The Christmas Troublesome, presents the following story: Like every year, your family gathers at the chalet to celebrate Christmas together and, obviously, you are still required to be present! As if everyone should love Christmas... but this time, you won't give up. They think Christmas is fun? You will prove them wrong. The perfect plan is ready to… disrupt the party! After a few minutes of play, we quickly notice the inspiration for the Grinch hating and wanting to ruin Christmas. However, players aged 10 and over will not be disappointed with the happy ending after 1h30 of fun. 

These online puzzle games are all offered for $17,40 plus taxes per access ($20 taxes included). With family or colleagues, simply go to the website of Challenge-Escape, choose a game, follow the on-screen instructions and have fun. Simple to use as we like them! 

For those who would like to take the experience even further, it is possible to bring Challenge-Escape to yourself with mobile escape games! Two 36-foot trailers, functional for 4 seasons, travel the roads of Quebec to make office or family parties events that will be remembered for a long time. Whether the gathering is in a restaurant, in a reception room, in the office or at home, the mobile trailers of Challenge-Escape can move anywhere! Installation is done in less than an hour and the trailers are autonomous in terms of electrical needs. The perfect activity to amaze guests. 

Challenge-Escape is the initiative of Véronique Girard and Dave Welsh. The young couple joined forces almost 10 years ago to offer new, unusual and immersive entertainment to the people of Quebec and Lévis with two branches of indoor escape games. The pandemic forcing them to reinvent themselves, Home Escape Challenge was born, allowing the entire province to have fun in their living room! Since then, all kinds of ways to solve puzzles have emerged, notably through their offer Mobile Escape Challenge (trailer moving) and routes Challenge-Escape. Since 2015, Challenge-Escape it is: more than 1 players, 000 employees passionate about puzzles, more than 000 games developed in person and online and two branches totaling nearly 60 square feet. Today, Challenge-Escape it is especially Challenge-Escape tailor-made, a turnkey service where the team of creatives puts their talent to the benefit of companies who wish to use this medium for personalized purposes in order to meet their own objectives. 

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