Communication agency in Quebec

Press relations

BROUILLARD promotes your company, your services and your products to its privileged contacts in the media.

Communication support

BROUILLARD supports your company daily as a strategic advisor and ongoing press officer.

Influencer marketing

BROUILLARD builds content strategies with the best creators and influencers to reach your target audience.

Crisis management

BROUILLARD supports you in periods of crisis by supporting your company closely and transparently: creation of a crisis unit, training of spokespersons, writing of Q&A, management of interviews, etc.

Public relations

BROUILLARD determines the best channels to use in order to deploy the appropriate messages to targeted audiences.

About us

BROUILLARD is a communications firm based in Quebec with nearly 35 years of experience. Since the arrival of the second generation in the company, team up is even more the watchword at BROUILLARD. The company supports hundreds of clients each year for one-off mandates or ongoing support. Adapted to the reality of each of its clients, BROUILLARD's services are always personalized and offered in a relaxed, but always professional, atmosphere.

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